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Creating Native Characters

Minority characters, how many have I seen turned into dancing monkeys, stoic idiots who are all warrior, but no fight--ugh. I could go on for hours. They always end up as supporting characters, and there is nothing more frustrating than watching a movie, or reading a story that's supposed to be about Native Americans, and the main character is white. Raised by Natives, but white. Gatewood, oh sorry, it's called Geronimo, Last of the Mohicans (and they killed my favorite character), Dances With Wolves--and they're all depressing.

Do you want to see the most accurate depiction of Natives? Watch Maverick with Mel Gibson. Does the view of Natives go against all preconceived notions here? Good. Does it make fun of how Natives are depicted? Yes. And that's a good thing. Shanghai Noon is another good one.

When making Native characters, all you have to do is make them as human as yourself, and make sure they have a funny bone. That funny bone isn't being a dancing monkey.…
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Paradise Creek

This is one of my most favorite places, and where I get so much inspiration for the stories I write, especially for the world of Ilo, and this is where my brain can relax when it's melted beyond recognition.

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What To Do With a Stinky Area Rug

Have a nasty rug and don't want to pay somebody to muck it out for you? Several years ago, I got a new rug. It was green, with beautiful leaves on it. Wow, it matched my room, and went with everything. And then it started smelling green.

I vacuumed it all the time, and it helped, but after a while, vacuuming did nothing. So I took a rug cleaner to it. Brand new!

But then it started getting disgusting again, especially after I kicked a cup of juice all over it, but that's another story. Anyway, the rug was gross. I took a rug cleaner to it again. I spent HOURS on that thing. Wouldn't you know, people decided to stand on it for fun. The rug ended up smelling worse than before I cleaned it. It was making my room smell like crap, feet and crap.

There was only one thing to do. I folded up that disgusting piece of green gunk and threw that thing out! Bam, and now you know what to do with your nasty carpet.

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Talking Bears, Wild Horses and Daydreams

My story "Kittylyn" has finally come out! I've been waiting so long for this one! A lot of things happened to keep it in the dark, but it's finally come out. "Kittylyn" was actually a part of a different story that I had made, but there were too many elements in that other story, and so I broke off a part of that other story. The broken-off element became "Kittylyn."

When I was about three, I was playing in the backyard with my little brother. There was nothing but forest in front of the house at the time. I heard my uncles yelling in the front, and then everybody started yelling. I wanted to see what was going on, so I grabbed my brother's hand and took him to the back door so that we could go into the house and see what was going on. Then it was like thunder sounded on the side of the house, and a wild black stallion appeared at the corner of the house. It reared up on its hind legs, and it's eyes were wide and bloodshot. It stared at m…

Boarding School, Soldier Fort, Home of Bad Memories and Ghosts

Some construction workers were hired to redo a part of the Theodore Roosevelt School. They were going to stay in a hotel, but were invited to stay in the school dormitories to save money. The construction workers readily agreed, and moved in.
Their boss went out to buy them dinner, and when he returned, the construction workers were standing outside of the building. They said they were not going to sleep in the dormitory. When asked why, they said they kept seeing kids, kids too little to be in the boarding school.
Located on the Fort Apache Reservation, there is an old soldier's fort equipped with a museum, the Officer's Row, ancient barracks, and of course the boarding school. From the outside, it's a historic gem.

This is General Crook's cabin. They found a man hanging in this room, so don't go here at night.

This is a monument in his yard. In 1881, there was an uprising with two different accounts. The Apaches say they won and the soldiers ran away, but the sol…


Making monsters, one of the best past times ever!

I sit down with a drawing pad, and I just start sketching. I don't know what the monster is supposed to look like, or what it is I'm drawing. Sometimes I don't even know how many eyes it should have. My hand just goes, like when I'm writing without thinking, and something appears. Kind of scary when I think about it, like I'm actually conjuring something.

After the monster is out, I look at it's natural weapons, like if it has claws, teeth, a weapon in its hand, and from there, I begin mapping out its strengths and weaknesses. A monster must have a weakness, or it ends up like a one-dimensional character who does everything perfect. I make it a little overpowered, because what's a too weak monster? It won't give the protagonist something to worry about, and the threat is gone out of the story.

After I make the rules for the monster, I stick to them. Every incident with the monster must make sense to the…

What "Pariahs" Is All About, and Cover Reveal!

In a land of monsters and soulless creatures, there is a secluded compound terrorized by a fallen demon-killer, the Grand Apwor. He's claimed its youngest occupant Vijeren as his son. The Grand Apwor can't be killed, he can't be escaped, and his punishments are severe and horrific. Somehow, he knows where Vijeren is at all times.

When a law enforcer named Zhin appears like a living flame, a family war that's been sizzling for decades finally ignites. It drags Vijeren in, revealing secrets of a long-forgotten past and a family torn asunder in recesses of lost memories. Only Zhin knows how to kill the Grand Apwor, but the answer rests on the love between a father and son--something that Vijeren doesn't have...

"Pariahs" coming to you in November.