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Dancing With Irish Monsters: WIHM Interview With A Boss of Horror Iseult Murphy

Hello everyone! This is a historical day for me. Not only am I conducting my first author interview, but it's my first Women In Horror Month Interview. I'm so pleased and excited to be interviewing such an interesting person. So without further ado, let's hop in.
Hi, I’m Iseult. I love writing, reading and watching horror, fantasy and science fiction. I have two collections of short stories available for purchase on Amazon. I post book reviews and writing updates on my blog, and I love connecting with others on twitter. I’m so excited to be collaborating with Julia for Women in Horror Month.

Julia: What influence does your part of Ireland have on your stories?
Iseult: I live on the east coast of Ireland, north of the capital city, Dublin, in an area historically called the Pale, where English rule was strongest during colonial times. I also live very near the border with Northern ireland. I have ancestors who had to hide in the mountains from the Black and Tans, and I kno…
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Publication Announcement! "Beautiful Dream"

First publication of 2020!
"Beautiful Dream" has been reprinted. It was first in Hellbound Books' "Graveyard Girls" anthology, in which you had to pay to read it. Now the story is available for free.
I was forced to study philosophy for a little bit. Since a person can't do anything with it, except question reality, I decided it could make itself useful in "Beautiful Dream."

Read it here and enjoy! May it twist your senses like it did mine.
Happy Women In Horror Month!

Funky Road Trip, Magic Portals and Nut Houses

I was supposed to take my sister to get tested for autism. It was difficult to find a place that tested adults for it. My mom called everywhere, and finally, one place said they did it. She made the appointment and we drove two hours, using a GPS to find this prestigious facility.
The GPS took us through winding streets and past a broken down building claiming to be the high school. The roads started breaking up and cracking. Nobody was around. We crossed rail road tracks I didn't even know existed in that town.

We ended up in a tiny community crawling with cops. It was like, is there a prison here? Is there a killer running around? The place reminded me of a nightmare I had several months ago. The road sloped up just like in the dream, too.
Killing the car's alignment on some bumpy, broken road, we passed a narrow, bushy footpath. It had a name like it was an actual street. We reached a group of isolated buildings and squeezed down a dirt road only a truck could t…

The Ruins of "Embers"

I've always enjoyed abandoned areas as settings. They give me a kind of creepy joy. This is partly why "Headlights" is one of my favorite short stories.
For "Embers," I wasn't sure what the setting would be, because I thought of moving Zhin's band elsewhere. I didn't like the settings of these places, though. Finally, I alighted on the one idea that made sense: the ruined Sirix city. Everybody's jacked up from the first book, and this abandoned city is perfect to recover in.
Note: Ilings are tougher in make-up than Earthlings. I had written this in during the first drafts and the beta readers had no problem not reading it in the final, but it seems some people are confused. So here it is. I say this, because some people will definitely ask how they could recover without a hospital, or in the Visserian tongue, a vozhrith.
These pictures are the closest I could come to what the place looks like. First, the abandoned library, which is in good cond…

Haunted School

Back when I worked as a substitute teacher, I often subbed at a school lurking in the bushes 45 minutes from home. There was a river nearby, where teachers took their students on spur-of-the-moment field trips.
One day, I was subbing for a class I particularly liked. They didn't have psychotic issues. After I sent them off to the computer lab, I returned to the class room alone to look over the day's schedule.
The class room was set up so that the teacher could view all areas of the room from her desk. The one hidden spot was a corner where two bookshelves faced each other.
While I reviewed the schedule, I heard a sound in front of the desk, like somebody letting out air after holding their breath for a long time. Immediately, I looked over the desk's edge, but saw nobody. The books in the shelves began to shift, so I took a look. Nobody there, either. I returned to the desk, wondering what to do.
The teacher had a stuffed green dragon sitting on a microwave next to the d…

Bananas Gone Squish!

I'd heard about fried bananas. They sounded pretty good. My mom thought so, too. We'd never had them. The recipe seemed easy. What could possibly go wrong?
We bought regular yellow bananas at the store, chopped them up real nice like the recipe said and dropped them in the pan. We waited for them to fry. And then we tried to turn them over.

Have you ever walked down the road after it rains, and all the inconsiderate people have just stepped on the worms that suddenly couldn't tell the difference between dirt and concrete? Well that's what bubbled in the pan: a mass of squished worms and sticky banana guts. I felt like Willie Wonka trying to eat the mashed caterpillars in the wooden bowl the oomp loompa gave him. We almost had to throw the pan away. Who knew underripe bananas could melt so thoroughly?
I don't know what went wrong. We must have done some kind of transmutation. Those bananas turned into worms. What did I get out of this experience? A disgusting new r…

Infernal Exclamation Points...!

Hi! I'm Julia! I'm writing a blog! I'm so excited! I want to bring awareness! It's not just for you and me! It's for the world! Here's why I write!
1. I want the world to know about how I can't cook donuts!
2. I want to teach the world what it means to lose a sunflower after months of hard work!
3. They have to know about all of my dead fish!
4. Don't pour your money into dating sites!
5. There's nothing we can't do!
If your writing looks like this, you sound like a chicken!

Banish those exclamation points to the abyss. They're like sugar. Please use sparingly. Nobody wants to catch writing diabetes. Exclamation points can render the most serious of writing pieces idiotic. Add the extra kick only when needed.


Kara skipped home from school. She couldn't wait to see her chicken. She and Mrs. Hopper were the greatest of friends. She forgot to feed Mrs. Hopper most of the time, but it was okay. Mrs. Hopper survived no matter what h…