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Why I left Twitter. Now I'm free!

Twitter. Yuck. Bleah. The place has become a toxic mire.
In 2012, I joined Twitter, because I was told it was a good place to promote myself. I gained over 10,000 followers and was heading for 11,000. The rules when I signed up said, "Always be kind and courteous." So I was.
In the last few years, there have been droves of people being absolute trolls, jerks, and taking offense at every tiny thing, to the point that everyone had to mince their words. Twitter didn't kick these scumbags off.
I began to realize that after every session on Twitter, I came off upset and frustrated.
There is a writing community there who lauds itself as extremely supportive. It's filled with self-proclaimed authors who laugh at procrastinating their writing. They have memes stating, "If you're a writer, you're on Twitter right now and thinking you should be writing." Another one was, "If you SAY you're a writer, then you're a writer." Most were not doin…
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A change of cover and a change of title

I've been gone for a while, because I went to Amazon Ad School hosted by Bryan Cohen. He taught me how to do ads and scale them, turn out marvelous blurbs and create hooks. I know what a conversion rate is and how to find it. If you heard thunder in the distance back in April, it was my mind exploding.
That said, I have made a discovery that I would not have otherwise made. My cover and my blurb needed help. So I may put a hold on "Embers" until I can fix the issues with "Pariahs." I may even change the title. The cover itself is going to a mega professional and I'm fixing the blurb. In fact, I've been doing that all day.
The original cover will still be up, with its confusing description, until its makeover is complete. The whole process is freaking me out, but it's got to be done. After that, I feel I'll be standing on a new threshold, and "Pariahs" will definitely be on another level. "Embers" will meet it there when its …


Last week, I got one of the most awesome e-mails of the year. Alex Schiffer from the Sonic Dawn podcast told me he had read my story "Offering" in The Horror Zine and loved it so much that he wanted to read it in his podcast.

Know what this means for you? It means you get to listen to "Offering," equipped with some seriously good sound effects and superb reading.

Come on over and listen to it right here. Episode 12.

And while you're at it, listen to the other stories!

Me and My Dogs

"Embers" is due out this year, not sure when, but start checking back for updates around July! It would be great if it could appear on July 4th, because that was when I was supposed to be born. Instead, I was born on July 1st, because the night before, my mom hit a dog on the road. She freaked out so bad that she went into labor. So, people, a dog gave its life so I could be born on July 1st. Maybe that's why dogs gyrate towards me.

I went to visit my friend, who owns one of those annoying rat dogs. It raced into the room, jumped on my knee, and started barking at everybody, even at its owner.
I used to visit another lady, who's now dead, and her dog always hopped in my lap and went to sleep. It snapped at everybody else.

Someone had a whole theater inside his basement, so me and a bunch of other people went there to see "The Watcher In The Woods." I'd never seen it before. The guy owned a big, beautiful Golden Retriever. Everybody ran to pet it and wa…

How I Keep Writing In Hard Times

2019 was pretty awful in many ways. Three of my family members nearly died, and this year there's Covid-19, and everything that goes along with it. Writers have been saying they can't sit down and write, even when they have nothing else to do but write.
A friend of mine had congratulated me on continuing to write when most people would have quit under such circumstances. I told her it was writing that kept me going. This being said, I left out something very important. It is the One who gave me writing which keeps me going. It is He who gifts me with my muse so I can cope.
My own muse turned off last week during my free promotion campaign for "Pariahs." This weekend, I watched General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The Spirit was powerful, beautiful and comforting. The whole world sang and I could feel it. The blocks in my mind lifted and a thousand ideas and solutions flowed into my brain.
It is my Heavenly Father who keeps me going…

Fun things to do while you're stuck in the house

You've been in the house too long, and if you're about to go mad like Heath Ledger while he was preparing to be the Joker in The Dark Knight, then you need some serious help before you start asking people how you got those scars.
In the daily grind, many people had no time for exercise, and they grew too squishy. Well, now's your chance to start looking fine again. This lovely lady is the happiest workout lady I ever did see. She gives pep talks in the middle of the workouts and her energy just pops from the screen. What's best is that these workouts are free and there are hundreds of them. She works that nasty back, too, and does standing ab workouts. all the Windsor Pilates workouts have been downloaded onto YouTube. all the Tai Bo workouts have been downloaded. Yoga is all over the plac…

"Offering" is live! And, the story behind it.

"Offering" is now live over at The Horror Zine! Come read it here.

"Offering" started out as a flash fiction, because I got recommended to try for being a "Pen of the Damned" writer. They were going to send me a picture for which I'd write a flash piece. Then they'd make their decision.
Guess what, I got a picture of a bridge, a happy bridge, too. Not the one above, though. My problem was that I loved bridges. They're the most wonderful things in the world. Now I was supposed to pen something horrible in an area I had zero experience in: flash fiction.
I tried my best, and of course they told me to get lost, leaving me with the beginnings of a new story. "Offering" sat in my computer like a sad castaway, rejected, dismissed and written off by the whole world.
I began writing, jumping off the original idea and marrying it with another idea I had. The story slowly fleshed out until the disconnected pieces knit together like wounded fl…