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Letters from editors that made me go, WHAT?!

I've had a list of some seriously stupid rejection letters in my time, but during the Christmas season, I got a dose of WHAT?! First one came right before Christmas. It was a big, fat no. And then, from the very same magazine, another letter showed up wishing me and everybody who'd submitted a story a Merry Christmas.... .......... .......... .......... The second letter came from a magazine who usually likes my stuff, but ever since the magazine hooked up with another one, it's been one rejection after another. "Too different" was the implication. While I'm sitting there refusing to conform, I get another letter requesting me to vote for this magazine. NEVER! A few days later, a request to buy the magazine. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! You stupid magazine, you can go straight to where you're headed for all I care.
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La Pascualita, the haunted mannequin

If you haven't heard of La  Pascualita, it's a big mannequin down in Chihuahua, Mexico. She stands in the window of a bridal shop. The woman she was patterned after was the daughter of the bridal shop owner. The woman died on her wedding day. Some say spider bite, scorpion sting, and even suicide. The woman's mother went into mourning for a while and closed the shop. When the shop finally reopened, the dead bride was standing in the shop as the new mannequin. Rumors went floating around that the mannequin was actually the woman's corpse because her eyes would follow people as they passed down the street. Even the people who dressed her said she was real. Hearing from a real mortician, if there was a corpse under there, she would have rotted and stunk like all get out. Her limbs would have been falling off. Her head is obviously plastic. That is a real mannequin, and a very artful one at that. People freak about how real the hands look. You get people like Leonardo da Vi

My battle plan for the release of "Renzhies."

Book 2 is coming out! YAY! And this time, I have a better head on my shoulders. I made a checklist and gave myself enough time to get the book out properly. DECEMBER, JANUARY, FEBRUARY, MARCH Item 1: Go over your editor's edits and apply. CHECK Item 2: Fix that one scene that's been bugging you for months because book 3 was much like yourself and announced something last minute. CHECK Item 3: Fix that chapter your editor had issues with. CHECK Item 4: Look up the word "Sirix" in the first book to see if you had capitalized it or not. CHECK. It's capitalized. Item 5: Add in title pages, About the Author, and all that mess for the before and after pages. (Not done yet) Item 6: Make a new glossary, and while you're at it, capitalize all words "Sirix" Item 7: Check that one section for discrepancies in a Syladin's physical makeup. Item 8: Chapter heading names (funna fun-fun!) Item 9: Format with section breaks instead of page breaks (I can format li

Lost in Scottsdale; Pee Man; and no Uncas

About two years ago, my mom caught cancer, but the doctors were able to cut it out and now she's all right. They still want her to go for routine check-ups to make sure it hasn't come back. These check-ups are several hours away. My brothers and me take turns in bringing her to these check-ups. This time, one of my brothers who knows the place pretty well was supposed to take her. He was going to take my mom to a nice place to eat that he knew of. He was probably going to take her shopping and all that good stuff. But then his EVIL boss demanded he come in to work because suddenly everybody got sick and couldn't come in. And so, that left me as the only one who could take her. For the last two nights, I have been wide awake. So here I am at 6:30 AM running on 6 hours of sleep from the last two days. We started on down to the doctor's office. The GPS said where we were going and how long it would take. So la, la, la, la. We reach Scottsdale and now we have to go inside i

Book 2 release date

Book 2, Monsters and Demons: Renzhies, will be out in June in time for Father's Day! Nri Kryne had its own set of problems, especially when it erased. Renzhies had its own problems, too, but it had to do with the villain. Every single scene that had to do with him gave me problems. I hate his guts and I hated writing about him, and yet I had to keep going back to his parts and fixing them, re-writing, and adjusting. His personality and villainy had to be cared for with hairpin accuracy. Whatever I did with his parts had a ripple effect that touched every part of the book. I wanted to scream. Now it's finally done and it will be out in June! May you hate the villain as much as I do.

The Duck Man

My education in Spanish has been shoddy. I spent nine years in a Mexican barrio, but nobody spoke the language to me. They insisted on English. At school, they were trying to make everyone bilingual so they could get rid of the language barrier. Spanish speakers were spoken to in English and they eventually caught onto the language in a few months because they were kids. Isn't that wonderful? English speakers were not to be left out. We were supposed to learn Spanish. Exciting, right? We English speakers were subjected to a video of a strange man telling us how to say "duck" in Spanish for the whole year...the WHOLE year! El pato, like the hot sauce. Dog, cat, cow, red, blue, white, what's your name? I could count to twenty. But we weren't taught to have a conversation of any substance. The teachers set up a whole Mexican market at the end of my sixth year learning "duck" and we were supposed to go in and order food, sit in little cafes, and there was a

I got book 2 back from my editor and my computer decided to be a punk about it

I got my MS back for book 2! So I quickly contacted my cover artist, set up a battle plan for the launch, made a rough guess as to when the book will release, started making a to-do list of everything I need to get the book ready, (proper chapter headings and numbering, glossary, dedication page, works published, about the author, etc...), when to start working on the blurb, and then I went to download the MS so I could begin another long journey to publication. First thing was to download the MS from my e-mail. My stone age computer took ten minutes to open up to the google page, and then it said it was unresponsive. So another ten minutes to try again. And then ten minutes to get to the e-mail page, another ten to sign in, and then five to download the MS, and then it wouldn't open, so I had to download it again, but open it from a different area, and then the mouse was skipping all over the place so I couldn't start applying edits. I had to banish the computer to the time ou