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Character Bio Sheets from M.C. Sheridan

With me today is the talented M.C. Sheridan with some awesome writing tips for you on character bio sheets. So let's get this party started.

Hi! My name is M.C. Sheridan but you can call me Mea. I’m a writer of short stories that I accidently turned into a Fantasy series. Oops! I love video games, cross-stitching and am a huge RPG enthusiast. I’m a brand-spanking-new writer and an indie author. I may be a bit green, but I’m learning as I go and loving every second it.

Let me tell you about character bios. When it comes to writing, I’m a total pantser so I don’t always have my thoughts—let alone my character descriptions—clear in my head. When I started my book, I had an idea of what I thought my characters looked/acted like but when it came to typing it out, I sometimes forgot the colour of their eyes, the stubble on their chin, or the subtle nuances that made them stand out from the others. I even forgot for a hot minute that one of my characters was missing a thumb!

No, no this jus…
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The story behind "Coffin Walker," a writer's reunion

My story "Coffin Walker" has finally come out! I'm so excited for this one. I wrote it a while back. I had read "Dracula" and had a sudden urge to write something really elegant and poetic, yet horrific at the same time.

I had no ideas at all in my head, but the urge for poetic elegance was in my fingers, so I grabbed my computer, sat on the floor in the middle of my cold messy room, and began to write. The whole thing came out right then and there. I went over it a couple of times and I was done.

After that, the rejections rolled in and I wondered if I needed to work on it, but those who had read it said "Don't touch it." So "Coffin Walker" wandered the world, as lost as the main character in the story. Everybody hated.

Siren's Call Publications had a submission call for Women in Horror Month. I had been trying for that magazine FOREVER because that magazine is WOW, and I've always gotten rejected or almost made it, so this tim…

A Cubonic Recipe

Today is Valentine's Day, and I thought of making a post on how to write romance or something, but I'm wholly incapable. So instead, I'm giving you a special recipe from my book "Pariahs."

How to make Cubon
You will need:
1 lb Culobbin A pot and pan you're either willing to throw away, or can be burned Bowl Water Seasoning of your choice Cheesecloth
Go out to your kiderrin house and start digging through the beast's mounds of turd for the white enzyme Culobbin. Once you've collected a pound, start a pot of boiling water. Boil the Culobbin for twenty minutes, then strain it in the cheesecloth. Repeat ten to fifteen times, using new water each time, until the water runs clear. Add seasoning to taste, or none at all. Some people like it pure. Knead the Culobbin until it is soft and pliable. You may boil it again to turn it into pasty cream, or bake it in a brick oven to make it firm. If baked, cut into bite-sized cubes and store in a cool, dry place. Se…

An Experimentation in Donuts

Saturday. I had finished my 12th draft of my second book. I wanted to celebrate, but I was broke. So what should I do? Bake something I've never done before with what little resources I had! Very smart. I looked online for recipes that had the ingredients laying around in dusty heaps in my cupboard.

Donuts. Yummy, fat, little donuts made with cinnamon and nutmeg. It was beautiful. I didn't need a deep fryer or any kind of yeast. It even had a recipe to make a substitute for buttermilk.

Ah, lovely little donuts come to me! I dragged out all my cookware and bam, can you hear the music?

I passed them around to my family and only my sisters said they were perfect. Wouldn't you know it, they were the only ones who didn't get donuts full of mysterious cream. Now what?

Since everything cooks the rest of the way in the microwave whenever I screw up, I took the donuts and stuffed them in there for three minutes.

And then...

And here you see is rubber cement to choke baby birds…

Writing Teenage Characters

I hate teenage characters. They're so annoying. They whine, they have issues that make no sense, they never speak up, and they consider all adults as their enemy. Why don't they just die? They can ruin movies and books with their very presence! Are these insufferable creatures from real life? I couldn't stand them when I was a teenager! I was insulted that people thought I was that way. I looked around at my friends and none of them were that way either. What idiot made up those buttheads?
Before you start ruining your story with some melodramatic punk that can't do anything but have sex and get high, take some time out of your day to hang out with a real teenager. You'll find them rather funny. Of course they have hormones going on, but don't we all?

Find their good points. Teenagers love to play, they love playing pranks, joking around, laughing, saying the most hilarious things, and doing the craziest things because lots of them don't think straight. Yo…

Writing Updates!

I went into the blog and found that some of the links for the online stories went nowhere. I found out that those stories had gone into the archives of the magazine that they were published in. And so, I have updated the links, and you can reach them again.

If in the future, you wish to read them, and the links are gone, it's because the stories have been moved further back into the archives, but they're still there. I will update them as soon as I can, whenever they change.

The stories for The Horror Zine will get deleted one year after they come out, because the Horror Zine does a cleanse of old stories. So Robert will only be available to read in The Horror Zine until April, and Headlights until June or July. I hope to get those reprinted as soon as possible.

"Pariahs" is doing pretty well for a girl who doesn't know what she's doing. If you haven't bought a copy yet, click here and pick one up. And please leave me a review for it on Goodreads, or Ama…

A Little Berry

I had so much fun writing "Little Berry." Believe it or not, she was one of my very first characters that I ever made.

Back in grade school, I had nothing to give to my mom for her birthday, so I made a picture book for her, and Little Berry, who's name was Melly at the time, was the main character. She was trying to get a pot of honey for her little sister's birthday.

I had thought of publishing these little stories, but set it aside. So now, years later, I thought of Melly again, and decided to write a short story for her. Stretching something so tiny as getting a pot of honey for a birthday made me wonder if I should just make a whole new story altogether.

So I did, and Melly's name changed a few times until I decided on Little Berry. I moved my fairies into more of an American Indian garb. They live in a forest on the reservation and are called tree people. The big house in the story belongs to people living off of it, but right on the border.

I decided on t…