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I actually baked something that worked!

  I actually baked something that actually worked! This is a sour cream and lemon cookie, stamped out with a snowflake cookie cutter that was bought for Christmas and never used. Better late than never, right? The recipe came with a frosting recipe to put on the cookie, but I don't know what happened to that. The frosting ended up looking like the oatmeal full of blood on The Golden Child. Only when I pressed it, butter came out. BUT, the cookie was perfect! I used frosting from Walmart so it was all good. The recipe didn't have an oven temperature, so for my oven I used 375 degrees F. Yeah, so, if I can do it, you will certainly fly with it. Did you see my cream-filled donuts? 😅 If you want to try the recipe, this is the link: PS: There was no high elevation hacks for it. I'm over 7000 feet, and the recipe worked just fine.
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Death in writing

Okay, let's look at death in writing. People have a lot to say on the subject. Things like, it's necessary, it makes more meaning, it motivates a character into action, it wouldn't have been as powerful if so-and-so hadn't died. Blah-blah-blah.... These are true, and so if the scene calls for it, I say enjoy it. Your character isn't actually real. BUT, is death the end all and be all of a good story? No, it isn't. Are you overusing it? You better put on the brakes and check. Are other writers overusing it? Definitely. Some death scenes are so plot and forced that it's ridiculous. If writing has no rules, then why is everyone making it a rule to kill off characters? And why do most kill off only one gender: the man? A writer who wants to use death to make it real should know that Death doesn't differentiate between age and gender. It catches children, men and women. It comes for animals all the time, too. It will eventually come for the writer trying to p

Brain Shocks!

A few years ago, my dad got his legs amputated because there was a disease in his legs. There was a vein that turned red and that was where the disease was. He said the doctors couldn't see it because when he went to get tested, his legs kept twitching. Hence, he lost his legs. I was so stressed out at the time that I got some white hairs out of it. I also developed a mortal fear for my legs and feet. I got OCD about checking my feet and looking for red veins that I swear I got a complex. I don't even have diabetes. I stubbed my toe and all I could think about was MRSA. And then, I began to notice that I was twitching. I'd been twitching for years. I'd be laying down and my legs would twitch. Oh crap! It runs in the family! Panic City, here I come! The other day, my sister walks in like a little sunbeam and says, "Did you know the brain will periodically send a shock through your body to make sure it's still alive? When you twitch in response to the shock, it m

June is coming, and so is Renzhies!

June is coming and that means "Renzhies" is coming, too! Formatted, beautiful, and now I'm getting the cover! It isn't up for pre-order on Amazon yet, but you can order it directly from me, a flat twenty bucks. I get a new shipment in every month. In fact, I just got one right now! I'm so excited for you to read this! This second one is about Zhin. It's his origin story and it's as far from a Marvel origin as possible, if you're worried. We'll also be delving into Rilkin's past and meeting a new cast of characters you, Vijeren, Sibare, Miranel, and N'Nar are gonna love. At least you'll love most of them. The rest you're gonna want to rip in half.

"The Haunting of Hill House," a non-technical review

Back when I was on Twitter, I asked the stupid writing community for a story about a good haunted house. Usually, when somebody on Twitter asks for something to read, they get book plug-ins from their fellow authors. This was what I was hoping for, because I was in the mood to buy and I was going to buy somebody's book. Nobody sent me anything except for a couple of people, and the books weren't written by them. One was The Amityville Horror and the other was The Haunting of Hill House. I put both on my reading list and was finally able to get one of them. The Haunting of Hill House. I feel like The Shining was Stephen King's answer to Hill House. The main character annoyed me. Unlike the woman who made the intro almost as long as the book, I was not invested in Eleanor's character. It was like, can someone kick her please? Hill House, if you eat her, I'll love you forever. And then it ate her and Hill House and I became friends. Did the author scare herself, and so

Review of a stupid Chromebook

You all know the sad tale of the death of my computer. I finally was able to get one last week. I went to Walmart to buy the computer and of course everything was gone except the ones that craved for your life's blood. I went online and ordered a really nice looking computer for a cheap price. Considering that all the computers were vanishing like mad, and they were the more expensive ones, I thought myself lucky. Ha-ha! What a joke. I ordered the computer and in two days it reached my house. I opened it up and do you know how you just get a bad feeling immediately? I got that feeling. The computer was silver, very thin and very light. It was a Chromebook. Being that I've never owned one before, I thought I'd just give the thing a chance. First red flag went up when I found I could never replace the battery myself. It had to go to a special technician to pry open the whole computer so they could replace it for me. Second red flag, I couldn't just explore the computer on

Being Mummified

My brother got really sick the other day. His job freaked out and sent COVID-19 testers straight to our house. I'd never been tested for Covid, but I'd been hearing about the test. Somebody went so far as to say that when you get tested, you need to bring some aspirin, because it really hurts. So here the testers come and I see them swab my brother's nostrils. All I could think about was The Mummy, when Evie talks about the embalming process of mummies. They shove the poker up into your brain, scramble it around, and rip it all out through your nostrils. I waited for my turn to be embalmed. As long as nothing broke off of the swab and ended up deep in my nose where the sun doesn't shine, I'd be fine. I'd seen Monsters Inside Me. That one lady got something stuck way up in her nose and green stuff started falling out of her nostrils. I was embalmed within short notice and went away feeling not unlike a mummy. I don't know about that person who needed aspirin.