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Infernal Exclamation Points...!

Hi! I'm Julia! I'm writing a blog! I'm so excited! I want to bring awareness! It's not just for you and me! It's for the world! Here's why I write!
1. I want the world to know about how I can't cook donuts!
2. I want to teach the world what it means to lose a sunflower after months of hard work!
3. They have to know about all of my dead fish!
4. Don't pour your money into dating sites!
5. There's nothing we can't do!
If your writing looks like this, you sound like a chicken!

Banish those exclamation points to the abyss. They're like sugar. Please use sparingly. Nobody wants to catch writing diabetes. Exclamation points can render the most serious of writing pieces idiotic. Add the extra kick only when needed.


Kara skipped home from school. She couldn't wait to see her chicken. She and Mrs. Hopper were the greatest of friends. She forgot to feed Mrs. Hopper most of the time, but it was okay. Mrs. Hopper survived no matter what h…
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Book Two, Title Reveal!

Even before Pariahs was ready for publication, I'd started working on book two. When I finally came up with a title, I was thrilled, because usually my titles are the last to arrive. Well, last week a different name showed up and said, "Hi, I'm the official title!" It didn't even apologize.
In thinking about book two's name, I realized it revealed too much.
For the Ilings series, I want each book to have a mystifying title encompassing the novel's heart. When the complete series showcases, Gorgeous,Elegant, and Majestic can't be grouped with Bumpkin Town. The titles need to mesh together.

I slept on this title for several days. Something wasn't right, but last night around midnight, I got it. Make the title plural. Bam, the chills struck me in the gut. This is what the title should be.
Without further ado, let me introduce the sequel to Pariahs.


With me today on this beautiful first of November are Sean L. Brown and April Emerson, two exceptional people who wish to open your eyes to the beauty of the world.

Anyone that has met the two of us at a signing, an event, or simply walking around exploring knows that we are not quite your typical pair. So when Julia invited us to guest blog here and talk a little bit about #LETME, we jumped at the chance to have a little fun. Now, we have been interviewed in the past, yet this time we looked at each other via video chat and said, “Hey, if we don’t have an interviewer, why not interview each other?” In true Team Sean’s Thoughts: why not, indeed..

APRIL: Sean, let’s go. What is LETME? And, how did it get started?
SEAN: LETME stands for “Live Every Tiny Moment Exceptionally.” After I had been writing online what I called “Sean’s Thoughts” for several years, I wanted to show people that the best things in life could be found in the small things. I thought that this message would resonate…

Halloween Special: McNary, Indian Camp

The names of the individuals have been changed to protect their identities.

The small town of McNary is kind of split in half. One one side is the main town, but on the outskirts is a part of McNary that the people like to call Indian Camp. It's been called that since before political correctness had a place in society.
When the roads used to be made of dirt and the forest was thicker, a girl went hitch hiking. As she headed for the highway, she ran flat into a hairy creature standing on two legs. She didn't scream, but turned around and walked back home. She tried to keep calm, because she was afraid that if she ran, it would chase her.

Closer to the old sawmill are a row of houses. There, a man I'll call Randy hooked up with a woman I'll call Marie. She had two children. One night, Randy and Marie decided to grab a pizza and a movie to bring back home to them. Everybody was excited and the kids were happy to st…

Online dating services in review: 500+ trying to rob my cradle

Hi, everybody! I did something stupid again. 😊
Being that I'm single beyond belief, I joined several dating sites. I'd never done it before and figured, what do I have to lose? I still have nothing to lose. If you want to find yourself a beautiful weirdo who'll bump you into the next season of Forensic Files, you need a ridiculous amount of money just to send a stupid message. Most sites are so stupid you have to pay just to see who sent you a message. Of course, you can never send any yourself unless you upgrade to premium, which is being able to do everything you can already do for free on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere else. Since when has love costed money? I'll tell you where. In the red light district.

I got my very first flirt from this hunk. And I mean, Gale from Hunger Games kind of hunk. Wow! Dating sites are like magic! I'm really going to get a boyfriend! I will no longer be boyfriendedly challenged. I clicked so fast on his profile my fingers got w…

Creep-tastic Ingredients for Spooky Stories From A Queen of Horror: Miracle Austin

Hello everyone! Today, the talented Miracle Austin is here with me, discussing creepy writing! Enjoy, and learn from a master! Be sure to check out her books and other writings. They're absolutely fantastic and deliciously creepy.

Creepy Writing Tips

Salutations, readers, I want to take this time to thank Miss Julia Benally for inviting me to her blog. Before I dive into the topic above, I wish to introduce myself.

My name is Miracle Austin, and I’ve been writing off and on, since junior high. A few years ago, I rediscovered my love for writing. I must confess that I never thought I would become an author. Well, four books later, it is my reality.

As you may have guessed, my favorite genres to write include the horror and supernatural realms. I was introduced to both when I was a pre-teen and teen in the late 70s and 80s, via listening to a spooky AM radio series on Friday nights with my mom. Watching scary movies and later reading books by Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, R.L. Stine,…

Dancing in the Pale Moonlight

Moon Dancer is my favorite short story. Like Seven Floors, it received buckets of hate before it was loved.
I used to live in the city. At thirteen, my family and I moved back to the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, just in time for a high school full of kids who all grew up together. I was the "City Indian." In the end, it was all right. I made awesome friends and I had the greatest time of my life.
One of my friends and I would tell scary stories to each other. One day, she told me about a centaur lurking in the woods. I'd never heard of such a thing in my life, at least as far as the reservation was concerned. Centaurs belonged in Greek Mythology, not on the reservation.

After graduation, my friend died in a car wreck the next winter. Several months later, I headed off to Brigham Young University in the worst of spirits. I graduated with only one thing in mind: to write. Short stories were beyond me, but I really wanted to build a platform. I ended up writing a halfwa…