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How to take the bitter out of a cucumber

An acquaintance of mine said she didn't like cucumbers because she never knew which ones were bitter. She said it was chance to find a good one. If you're having that problem, you've come to the right place. You will be able to pick up any cucumber without fear. Step one: you can buy any cucumber you want, even from Walmart and it'll taste good. Step two: cut off the ends of the cucumbers, but keep them. Step three: take these ends and rub them in circular motions on the ends you just cut them from. Some cucumbers are more bitter than others. If you get a really bitter one, white gunk will start oozing out after a few seconds. It could be so bad that it'll look like foam. Rinse the goo off and rub it again until nothing comes out. Step four: rub the other side with the other piece you sliced off. The same gunk will come out. Just repeat step three until no more bitter oozes out. If you get a good cucumber, hardly anything or nothing will come out after like thirty s
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The Blair Witch Bush Forest

We headed out to our destination 4,987,687,968,940 miles away. I drove first and nearly died of a heart attack when passing those massive trucks. Why weren't they still on strike? Couldn't they have kept it up until AFTER my road trip? I tried to look into their windows to see if they had to wear masks or not, but then I almost crashed, so I stopped. We headed into a weird-looking forest full of bushes. People hunt mule deer in their often, but it looked more like a place to hide a body. If you got lost in there, nobody would find you. You could walk in circles forever and never get out. The Blair Witch had nothing on that bush forest. Everything looked the same. All the bushes were twins. On top of that, a sign was up telling me that I was leaving the city that I was trying to get to. What? Where did I miss the turn-off? There was no turn-off in the Blair Witch bush forest. One day I got out of there and reached some town twenty miles from my destination. The GPS repeated ten

Gonna go on another road trip...

I just found out that I'll be going on another road trip to a place I've never been before. If I have, I was probably still in diapers with dependable people around me who could read maps. Now I have a GPS that can screw up to the point where it'll help me get from one end of a town half a mile long to the other in three hours.

Elk, coyotes, deer, and Dragon Ball Z

The other week, I went on a road trip. I was with people whom nothing happens to, so I thought it would be fine. We had to go to the airport to pick up my uncle. He missed his flight and came in late. I was getting woozy. Sitting in the airport, waiting for his flight to come in, the alarms went off in total emergency. The gates to one of the terminals grated down and locked everyone away. It never opened again. All the aliens got them, I guess. When we finally got out of there, we headed home--about four hours away. It was dark. It was close to ten, and every construction crew was out. We got redirected into downtown Tempe. Nobody knew where to go. We just followed the traffic while my uncle tried to get his GPS to work. Soon, we ended up in front of this building with an outside covered in plastic, faceted to look like a shoddy diamond. There were all these pictures of models on the front of it and it had no windows. I was totally confused. I was like, "What is that?" My un

A new story is up at the new website. Come read.

A  new story has just arrived at the website that none of you have seen before. So go over there, like, comment, and subscribe. That place is better than this one. If you're too lazy to go over there by hitting the ONLINE STORIES tab, just click here: Now you have no excuses. I wanted to write something. Like "Beautiful Dream," I just started writing, but this time, nothing weird came out. You get to meet one of my monsters in a new genre. He enjoyed himself very much. Happy reading.

Stories up on the new website and more to come

There are more stories up on the new website. You can find them all here. Some of the stories you know, and others are brand new. Here is the list: Tiger Headlights Blue Moon (new) Red Knob (new) Little Berry 64 Dresses Love Notes Kittylyn I am posting one story a month. I'm also moving away from the horror genre. I'll be focusing more on fantasy, adventure, stick in a little more romance, and aliens. Yup, I like aliens. April and May will both be fantasies. The one coming in April is a whole new fantasy. You may have read the one going live in May, but since where it's published keeps changing its URL, you might not have been able to find it. You'll be able to find it now. See you over at the new website! Please like, subscribe, and share...over at the new website.

Moving to a new website

Announcement, I'm moving to a new website. This one will stay up for all the links and stuff to the stories, but the new website is going to have new stories posted on it, as well as the old, where you couldn't get them before. That's all that will be posted there, along with easier links to buy my books.